Coaching Calls

Project ECHO Diabetes provides education and support to patients and providers across the state

By: Tyler Francischine
Roque and Stephens Xanadu Roque offers advice culled from her own experiences living with Type 1 diabetes through her role as a diabetes support coach with Project ECHO. Photo by Jesse S. Jones
“A peer support coach tries to help you get to a better point, and for the most part, they’ve been in the same place you’re in at one time in their lives.”
Xanadu Roque
Echo clinic Haller, far left, and Walker, fourth from the left, meet with Roque, far right, other diabetes support coaches and UF Health faculty like pediatric endocrinologist Angelina Bernier, MD '02, second from left, during regular ECHO clinics held by video conference. This photo was taken in October 2019. Photo by Louis Brems
Xanadu Roque Need caption Photo by Jesse S. Jones
“It’s so refreshing to talk to another diabetic, to be honest and truthful and have her be honest and truthful back.”
Nichole Stephens