Collage of student photos: Maisha Akbar, Justin Daniels, Gabriel Flambert, Sean Kwak, Danielle Snyder, Daniel Stribling.
A bouquet of flowers coming out of a yellow book.
Graphic of orange and blue diagonal stripes with confetti and the outline of Mr. Two Bits wearing an orange and blue striped tie while holding his arm in the air.
Ted Scarritt surfs in Fiji.
Rosemary and Lou Oberndorf pictured with Azra Bihorac, Gators mascot Albert, Colleen Koch and Patrick Tighe at Celebration of Research.
Charles and Elise Nail on the beach.
Gray background with fetus illustration.
Cory Pollard and Joe Rush pose for a photo on the U-F campus.
Roberta and Herbert Cheever
Portrait of Dr. Bill Petty