Students lead community care initiatives

By: Danielle Ivanov
In 2023, 1,192 patients received care from over 250 student volunteers at the equal access clinic network
A patient receiving care The UF Equal Access Clinic Network gives health professions students opportunities to provide free health care to thousands of patients from across Florida. Photo by Nate Guidry
Jack Figg stands in front of a building in which a large team of student care providers is visible Fourth-year MD-PhD student Jack Figg oversees a team of student care providers at the Equal Access Clinic Network, one of the largest student-run clinics in the country. Photos by Nate Guidry
In 2023, the Mobile Outreach Clinic served 2,500 patients in the Alachua County community
Photo collage: Megan Maguire stepping onto a MOC bus Megan Maguire, MPAS ’24, steps onto the Mobile Outreach Clinic bus Photo by Nate Guidry
photo collage: A student care provider examines a patient in a MOC van Krystal Glasford, MD ’24, examines a Mobile Outreach Clinic patient’s breathing and heartbeat through her stethoscope Photo by Nate Guidry
Each year, Putting Families First connects 200 families with 800 students across UF's six health colleges for personalized care
Joimishael Martin stands in her white coat in a garden plaza outside the UF College of Medicine Joimishael Martin uses her multidisciplinary patient care experience with Putting Families First in her clinical rotations. Photo by Nate Guidry