Changing the game

As part of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Medical Network, UF Health teams help athletes achieve peak performance

By: Styliana Resvanis

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vincents Kevin Vincent, MD, PhD, and Heather Vincent, PhD, who met during graduate school, apply their passion for fitness to patient care and research in their roles at UF. Earlier this year, Heather Vincent presented to the International Olympic Committee on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport about techniques to limit stress on the body.
“We know we give exceptional care at the highest level in the country, and now everybody else is going to have an opportunity to know that, too.”
— Kevin Vincent, MD, PhD
Team USA Chamions and the Team Behind the Team

On the Right Track

grant running at viewer Photo by Nate Guidry
“Being an athlete very much requires a team approach: working with athletic trainers, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning coaches.”
— Kevin Farmer, MD
Kevin Farmer, MD, and the surgical team at UF Health removed a piece of floating cartilage in Grant Holloway’s knee and administered plasma-rich platelet therapy to reduce inflammation.
farmer Growing up with a physician father, Kevin Farmer, MD, saw the impact medicine can make. An athlete who played baseball as a student at Duke University, he found a career that paired medicine and sports.

Breaking the Ice

elliot Photo courtesy of Elliot Markuson
Under the care of Ryan Roach, MD, Elliot Markuson underwent a hip arthroscopy to repair a torn labrum, specialized tissue that lines the hip socket.
roach For first-generation college graduate Ryan Roach, MD, his passion for soccer sparked his pursuit of higher education. After taking a biology course while playing for Purchase College, he decided to pursue health care to combine his love for science and athletics.
“What’s great about my job is that I care for a spectrum of athletes, from an active pickleballer or local high school athlete to our Florida Gators and Team USA members ... And I approach them all with the same level of commitment.”
— Ryan Roach, MD

A Running Start

On left: Grace Norman stands in a swimsuit with medals around her neck. On right: Grace Norman running. Photo courtesy of USOPC; Photo by Nate Guidry
“Treating patients like Grace is an honor. I’m so inspired by elite athletes who display such dedication to excellence.”
— Anita Rajasekhar, MD
When Grace Norman experienced low iron levels and fatigue that kept her from training to her full potential, she came to UF Health to be treated by Anita Rajasekhar, MD.
Rajasekhar Growing up seeing her mother care for veterans, Anita Rajasekhar, MD, followed in her footsteps to pursue a career in medicine. An avid tennis player, she enjoys sharing her perspective on the satisfaction of working toward a fitness goal and the mental health benefits of exercise with her patients.