Medicine’s new frontier

Clinicians and researchers aim to combine expertise with artificial intelligence to improve patients' lives

By: Emily Mavrakis
Azra Azra Bihorac, MD, MS
“In the next decade of medicine, technology is going to be our partner.”
Azra Bihorac, MD, MS

An exciting tool at hand

Tyler Tyler Loftus, MD
Bian Jiang Bian, PhD
florida Researchers are ensuring that potential biases are addressed by testing the algorithm in areas with varied patient population demographics.
Wu Yonghui Wu, PhD

Novel solutions for AI research

"We can give physicians from all backgrounds the same training and tools ... AI can level the playing field for patients, no matter where they are.”
Azra Bihorac, MD, MS

Transforming care for clinicians and patients

surgery Algorithms developed using AI can assist physicians like Ellen Satteson, MD, left, in assessing surgery risks for patients and improving their recovery. Photo by Louis Brems

Training the next generation

Tighe Patrick Tighe, MD, MS
"When we talk about excellence in clinical practice ... it's the empathetic nature, the humanism, the compassion we share for another human being as a physician."
Patrick Tighe, MD, Ms

The lifecycle of AI in medicine

lifecycle Graphic by Mary Cecilia