Living by the golden rule

Robert “Bob” J. Wallace, MD ’82, AAHIVS, has devoted his career to HIV and AIDS treatment in the Sunshine City

By: Danielle Ivanov
Wallace 70s
fact 3
  1. 1977

    Wallace accepted to the Florida State University Program in Medical Sciences

  2. 1979

    Transferred to
    UF College of Medicine
    to complete his training

  3. 1982

    Started family medicine residency

  4. 1987

    Bought a medical practice
    and began openly caring for
    HIV and AIDS patients

  5. 1998

    Became medical director
    for Florida’s AIDS disease management program

  6. 2013

    Drafted a plan to form his own nonprofit care clinic, Love the Golden Rule Inc.

  7. 2015

    Became one of the first two gay men wed by the St. Petersburg mayor after the state and national legalization of same-sex marriage

  8. 2022

    Cured almost 2,000 hepatitis C patients around Tampa Bay through his nonprofit clinic

wallace4 Bob Wallace, MD '82, the first openly gay medical student at UF, reflects on the hardships he overcame during his studies and stigma in his career and how it helped him become a compassionate physician and LGBTQ rights leader in St. Petersburg. Photo by Louis Brems
A photograph of a yearbook page where students drew their own pictures Wallace and his classmates drew their own portraits for their medical school yearbook. Wallace's is in the bottom row.
A black and white photo of Bob Wallace, M.D. '82, as a medical student A class composite photo of Wallace in 1979.