Rising from the deep

When a lake excursion left Trey Davis paralyzed, a UF Health neurosurgeon set him on the path to recovery

By: Tyler Francischine
Down at the bottom of a lake near Valdosta, Georgia, Trey Davis mingled with plants and small fish.
Trey Davis stands outside practicing his soccer skills. Trey Davis practices his soccer skills at the University of Georgia campus in February 2020. Photo by Jesse S. Jones
Daniel Hoh, MD Daniel Hoh, MD
"We noticed he started to flicker his toe..."
Trey Davis quote: “I’m a University of Georgia Bulldogs fan for sure, but my experiences at UF Health could change my perspective."
xray Figure 1: CT of the cervical spine immediately after the accident shows a fracture of the fifth cervical vertebra. Figure 2: MRI of the cervical spine reveals compression of the spinal cord from the fracture. Figure 3: X-ray of the cervical spine after surgery showing removal of the fractured vertebra, replacement with a bone graft and anterior and posterior spinal stabilization. Photos courtesy of Daniel Hoh, MD
Trey Davis at U-F Health with two members of his care team. Trey Davis spent 11 days and nights receiving care at the UF Health Neuromedicine Hospital. Here he's pictured with two members of his care team: physical therapist Alecia Metcalf and occupational therapist Laura Register. Photo courtesy of the Davis family
Trey Davis quote: “Live life to the fullest and see what you can do with the day you’re presented — You really do never know when it’s going to be your last.”