Putting UF experts to the test

Vigorous testing efforts help researchers understand how the coronavirus spreads through vulnerable communities

By Bill Levesque, Karen Dooley
UF Healths vigorous COVID-19 testing effort at The Villages® is considered one of the largest testing efforts of its kind in the nation.
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Pull quote: “We had seven days to design a program to screen 130,000 residents in The Villages®,” says Michael Lauzardo, M-D.
Michael Lauzardo, M-D, wearing personal protective equipment outdoors. Michael Lauzardo, MD ’91, explains the testing process to UF staff and volunteers assisting with screening seniors in The Villages® for COVID-19 in March. Photo by Louis Brems
Students Lauzardo hosts a training session for student volunteers at The Villages® community in March. Photo by Louis Brems
“We created a process to provide medical services in untraditional conditions that were safe and medically valid.”
Michael Lauzardo, MD ’91

UF Health, The Villages Health lead innovative coronavirus testing project in The Villages

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