Meeting of the minds

UF brings together the world’s leading experts
to help rewrite the story of brain cancer

By: Karen Dooley, Michelle Koidin Jaffee
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Doctor William Freeman, Anita Zucker, Harris Rosen, Doctor Duane Mitchell and UF President Kent Fuchs pose for a photo Photo by Aaron Daye
"Instead of a competitive, non-caring, non-sharing philosophy, the ReMission Alliance shall forever change this rather Stone Age approach to a much more pragmatic, productive and sharing initiative."
-Harris Rosen
The University of Florida and UF Health hosted the inaugural ReMission Summit for Brain Tumors
Doctor Duane Mitchell speaks at a podium
"Our goal for the alliance is to transform brain cancer research and improve patient survivability over the next 10 years."
Duane A. Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D.