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Gator alum and pediatric neurosurgeon Krystal Tomei shows brain surgery requires skill and compassion

By Tyler Francischine
Krystal Tomei and Michael L. Good,MD UF College of Medicine Dean Michael L. Good, MD, awarded Dr. Tomei with the UF Alumni Association 2017 Outstanding Young Alumnus Award. Photo by Hannah Pietrick/University Relations
Krystal Tomei and Rainbow Babies Hospital Left: The architectural design of University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital reflects the sense of hope and joy shared by its patients and staff. Right: Krystal Tomei, MD '06, poses in the operating room in Cleveland. Photo courtesy of University Hospitals/Photo by Keith Berr
"You can sense her confidence when she enters the room. She’s not arrogant. She’s powerful.”
— Dori Hauser, Dr. Tomei's patient
Krystal Tomei with baby and patient Left: Baby Leah's check-up with Dr. Tomei includes a few smiles and laughs. Right: Dori Hauser, left, and Dr. Tomei share a special patient-doctor bond. Photo courtesy of University Hospitals/Photo courtesy of the Hauser family
"I’ll never lose that idea that this is someone’s child, and I can impact their life forever.”
— Krystal Tomei, MD ’06

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