Watershed moment

Alumnus Jude Samulski leaves his mark on medicine.

By Christine Boatwright
Notes on napkin in pizza booth From the lab to the booth: Jude Samulski, PhD ‘82, and his colleagues spent many late Friday nights at this Pizza Hut on Gainesville’s Archer Road, continuing the conversations that began in the lab. Mindy C. Miller

Not your average student

Samulski in a lab in 1980 Samulski and Srivastava worked with DNA sequencing gel, which is pictured to the left of Samulski in this photo from 1980. Back then, the scientists ran large gels, which involved two long, glass plates held together with clips. Today, automated machines complete deep sequencing.
“I fell in love with the world under the microscope."
Jude Samulski, PhD

A watershed moment

Jude Samulski in a lab at UNC with colleagues Jude Samulski, PhD ‘82, director of the UNC Gene Therapy Center, continues his AAV research in collaboration with his UF colleagues. Tricia Coyne