Gator Country | Texas

Spotlighting UF College of Medicine alumni in the Lone Star state.

By Nicole La Hoz


William F. Fisher, MD ’75, of Houston, is the first Gator to travel in space and has walked in space not once, but twice. The former astronaut and emergency medicine physician was a mission specialist on-board the Space Shuttle Discovery when it lifted off on Aug. 27, 1985 from Kennedy Space Center.

Anh D. Cacciatore, MD ’88, of Houston, speaks both English and Vietnamese and was named one of the nation’s top primary care doctors in “Guide to Primary Care Physicians” by Town & Country Magazine in 2000.

Stephanie Byerly,  MD ’92, of Dallas, completed her anesthesiology internship and residency and neuroanesthesia fellowship at UF. She serves as professor in anesthesiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Brooke Nicotra, MD ’68, of Houston, is a retired pulmonologist who co-wrote a handbook sold nationally called “Courage and Information for Life with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: The Handbook for Patients, Families and Care Givers Managing COPD, Emphysema and Bronchitis.”

George M. Rapier, III MD ’77, who is a Dallas native, serves as chairman and CEO of WellMed Medical Management Inc., headquartered in San Antonio. It is South Texas’ largest physician-owned practice management company, serving more than 80,000 patients and members in four states, including Florida.

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