Faculty NOW

Putting your name on knowledge: New initiative helps faculty teach, now.

Great universities are defined by great faculty, and that’s why UF recently launched the Faculty Now Initiative, which provides a source of funds to immediately help faculty teach, conduct research and serve the people of Florida, as well as throughout the country.

How it works:

The university will invest funds equal to 4 percent of a contribution made by a donor to either increase an existing faculty endowment or create a new one. The UF investment will take place immediately, meaning there will be no waiting period for the endowment to generate investment income. The funds are flexible and can be used for start-up support for faculty, equipping laboratories, supporting graduate assistants or whatever college leadership deems necessary to attract the best faculty and advance innovation in research and education.

Catching on:

This ambitious project has caught the attention of many UF supporters, and since September, nearly two dozen new or enhanced faculty endowments have been created universitywide through the Faculty Now Initiative. The UF College of Medicine as well as the colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and Health Professions, and Veterinary Medicine have all received support through Faculty Now, resulting in seven new or improved endowed chairs, professorships and assistant professorships.

The UF College of Medicine is indebted to those donors who understand the need for faculty resources. Every contribution to Faculty Now provides an opportunity to improve health care for the community, the state and the nation by making valuable resourc­es available to tomorrow’s medical leaders.