Winter 2014

Photo by Maria Belen Farias

Making the Best Days of Our Lives Last Longer

Dr. Marco Pahor is fighting a war on aging. Don’t get him wrong, though. Pahor, director of the UF Institute on Aging, doesn’t want to keep us from aging; he just wants to help us grow old — not gracefully — but actively.

Photo by Maria Belen Farias

One Sleepless Night in Seattle

A serendipitous story of two surgeons who met early one morning in an operating room and formed a lifelong friendship over their Gator ties.


Blurred Lines

Interprofessional education encourages students to cross over health profession boundaries for the sake of the patient.

Photo by Djamel E Ramoul

Crime Scene InvestiGator

James “Jim” Ongley, MD ’77, may run a crime lab, but don’t think for a moment that his work mirrors that of Hollywood’s “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” or “NCIS.”